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although this item

looks like a guitar

pick it is still a knife

so please do not

play your guitar

with it:

it will get damaged

thank you

in samenwerking met:

don’t cut the strings

tekst & muziek: Eva De Roovere

don’t cut the strings it’s steel on steel

don’t cut the strings don’t play with me

i’ve known you to be strong as an oak

with ebony eyes and a butterfly stroke

there always has been a lighter shade

of black and metal grey on your blade

you’ve blended into my woodwork

without ever softening the edge

you‘ve sung to me like a true blackbird

while the night slowly stretched

and finally things began to take root

only then I truly understood

that you for me forever would be

a heart of steel and a shell of wood

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Don't cut the stringsEva De Roovere
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thuya wortelhout



gun metal

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